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Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park Rwanda Scaled

Volcanoes National Park : Volcanoes National Park is situated in the northwest Rwanda. This Rwanda National Park is magnificent. Mount Bisoke, Mount Muhabura, Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabyinyo, and Mount Karisimbi are the five volcanoes that make up Volcanoes National Park, which spans an area of 160 km2 and is covered with lush foliage and rainforests. A huge diversity of wildlife, including the critically endangered mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, and several bird species, call Volcanoes National Park home.

Aiming to protect and preserve the mountain gorillas that had become the focus of poachers as the subspecies was going extinct, Volcanoes National Park was established in 1925. The Albert National Park, maintained by the Belgian government, was created when the boundaries of the first national park in Africa were expanded into Rwanda and the Belgian Congo. A primatologist named Dian Fossey arrived in Volcanoes Park in 1967 and built a research facility to carry out additional studies on mountain gorillas. Karisoke Research Centre, her research facility, was established between Karisimbi and Visoke.

In all of Rwanda, Volcanoes National Park is well-known for Rwanda gorilla trekking and serves as a stopping point for Rwanda gorilla safaris. Due to Volcanoes National Park’s advantageous location within the Virunga conservation area, visitors can engage in a range of experiences and activities, including hiking, bird watching, and tracking mountain gorillas. You won’t be let down by these as they provide you with an unforgettable vacation in Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park activities

Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park:

A remarkable, thrilling, and adventurous mountain gorilla trekking experience may be had in Volcanoes National Park thanks to the forested slopes of the Virunga mountains. As the trackers make their way into Volcanoes Park’s dense bamboo forests, where mountain gorillas live in their natural habitat, they can see the volcanoes in all directions. The trackers have the opportunity to see other forest wildlife along the trip, including many bird species that create beautiful sounds and the golden monkeys.

In Volcanoes Park, the mountain gorillas are habituated into ten groups, allowing visitors to see the various groups and their habits in the wild. Susa A group, Susa B group, Sabyinyo group, Amahoro group, Umubano group, Agashya group, Kwitonda group, Hirwa group, Bwenge group, and Ugenda group are just a few of the groups the travelers will run into.One group can only be observed by a maximum of eight tourists per day, and gorilla trekking begins in the morning at the park’s administrative center, where you will receive a briefing on the activity you will be experiencing that day. There are always 88 licenses available each day for the mountain gorillas, and each ticket costs USD 750. It is typically advisable for vacationers to purchase their tickets before departing on vacation.

Tracking  golden monkeys

Most of these rear monkeys are seen as travelers are heading to go for gorilla trekking. However, some tourists place a high importance on finding these golden monkeys. You always get a natural impression of the magnificent animals that exist in the nature when you see these attractive monkeys. When tourists catch a sight of these beasts in the dense forests of Volcanoes Park, they always have exciting and memorable encounters. Since the golden monkeys reside nearby in the jungles and bamboos rather than far away, tracking them is considerably easier than tracking gorillas, and a permit costs about USD 100 per person.

Mountain Hiking

Three inactive volcanoes in Volcanoes National Park allow visitors to hike in the mountains. This can be done either as the only activity during their visit to Volcanoes Park or in conjunction with their gorilla trekking. Travelers may receive a breathtaking view of Volcanoes National Park’s vegetation and the nearby towns from the top of these mountains, which are accessible only by hiking. The most popular and tallest volcano in Volcanoes National Park is Mount Kirisimbi. While Mount Bisoke does not require much prior hiking expertise, it is necessary to be in good physical shape.

Bird watching

Many different bird species, and their pleasant noises can help travelers relax and take their time. You can learn about the activities of several bird species that live in the dense montane forests of Volcanoes National Park by catching a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. A traveler might bring their binoculars and telescopes to have a good view of the birds.

Caving in Volcanoes National Park:

The Musanze caves are located in Volcanoes National Park, and tourists who wish to learn more about the history of these caves are provided with knowledgeable guides who walk them along the cave’s trails while narrating tales of the caves’ mysteries and interesting facts about Rwanda.The twin lakes of Bulera and Buhondo, guided hikes, mountain bike excursions, and an exhilarating trip to the Dian Fossey Tombs are among the additional things to do in Volcanoes National Park. Cultural visits mostly to Iby’lwacu cultural hamlet are also available.

Volcanoes National Park
Musanze Caves Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park accommodations

The Volcanoes National Park is home to numerous lodges that are crammed with lodging options, including luxury, mid-range, and budget options. During their journey to Rwanda, guests have a variety of options to suit their preferences. Among the notable lodges are the following:

Mountain Gorillas’ Nest Lodge: 

This opulent lodge is situated in Musanze area, tucked away in a eucalyptus forest. The Jack Hannah’s Cottage at this resort offers spacious lodging with a breathtaking view of the volcanoes’ flanks in Volcanoes National Park. Excellent customer service is provided by a great professional personnel at the establishment.

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge: 

The magnificent lodge is also situated in the Musanze neighborhood close to the administrative center. Each of the lodge’s more than 8 cabins provides a magnificent view of the undulating hills of the volcano. The lodge has a covered balcony where guests may unwind and enjoy breakfast. The lodge also features a bar and a restaurant.

Garden Place Hotel: 

It is situated in Ruhengeri and offers upscale lodging to both vacationers and business travelers. The hotel is conveniently located for visitors since it is only a 30-minute drive from the airport. There are twenty-eight rooms in the motel, each with a contemporary bathroom with lots of water pressure. There is a restaurant nearby that offers a wide variety of meals of legitimate quality.

Mountain Gorilla View Lodge: 

In the northern region of Rwanda, Mountain Gorilla View Lodge is close to Volcanoes National Park. The Lodge has thirty thatched and stone cottages for rent. The main lodge contains a bar and a restaurant that offers free meals.

Visitors can also check out the Volcanoes Boutique Hotel, Gorilla Solution Lodge, Hotel Muhabura, Gorillas Volcanoes Hotel, Bambou Gorilla Village, and Kinigi Guest House, among other fantastic lodges.

How to get to Volcanoes Park

The majority of travelers fly into Kigali International Airport, where they are met by taxis and driven to their designated resting spots before continuing on to Volcanoes Park. With minimal traffic, the 109 km journey from Kigali to Volcanoes Park may be completed in roughly 2 hours.

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