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Peter’s Fishing Tours lets you explore the best of Uganda top fishing destinations and other safari experiences including Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tours , Uganda Chimpanzee tracking tours , Uganda Birding Safaris , Uganda wildlife Safaris , Uganda walking Safaris , Uganda Cultural Tours. Fishing in Uganda is done on an extensive scale and it’s done both for economical and spot fishing. Fishing in Uganda is done on different lakes and rivers that are found in Uganda and these include Lake Kyoga, Lake Victoria, River Nile, Semliki River and other water bodies. People have also come up with fish ponds to supplement on the fish that is currently on the market in the country. Spot fishing is an experience that one should not miss as this gives you a chance to catch the different fish species that can be found in Uganda and these include the Till, Nile perch, catfish, Tiger fish and many more other species. The best places for spot fishing can be carried out at Lake Victoria, Lake Mburo National Park, Ssese Islands, Murchison falls National park and River Nile. Spot fishing allows fishing equipment and methods that are modern so that there is clear preservation of the aqua life and the water bodies themselves. Spot fishing in Uganda is mostly done in Uganda mostly by tourists and a few locals .

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